Positive outcomes

ETHC recognises that all its activities must align with achieving outcomes for all its patients.

Most importantly the health status of our community must improve, along with supporting all the activities of our District Health Board and the Ministry of Health. All of these activities result in:
  • Reducing the rates of potential admissions to hospital emergency departments.
  • Preventing the re-admission of patients into hospital.
  • Decreasing the burden of chronic diseases in our community.
  • Reducing the preventable risk behaviour of our community.
  • Improvement in the awareness and education of accessing and understanding health.
  • Providing preventable treatment to common conditions that destabilise the progression of our families.
Throughout the process we have learnt that servicing high needs populations requires sensitive measures across a raft of activities and through a whole team approach, integrating all the services that can be provided within primary and secondary care to uplift the status of our communities, maximising the potential of the families within the Counties Manukau’s vibrant communities.
Quality and safe healthcare 

ETHC’s vision has become a reality! We are now a national leader in quality and safe care. By understanding each of the quality and safety requirements and working to implement and consistently practice them in all work areas, ETHC is able to provide patients and their families with a safe, reliable environment and care.

Quality and safe healthcare is maintained through vibrant processes by utilising the exceptional professional resources, clinical skill, undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Through our learning environments and quality-conscious approach, our practices have achieved cornerstone practice accreditation and have maintained that status. ETHC has also achieved national recognition by being nominated for the Ministry of Health’s Health Innovation Award for three consecutive years.