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East Tamaki Healthcare (ETHC) takes great pride in the network of physicians and related professionals who serve our patients with the highest level of quality, care and service.
At ETHC, we focus on: 
  • operational excellence
  • constantly striving to eliminate redundancy
  • streamlining processes for the benefit and value of all of our partners.
Learn why providers have chosen to join us as their partners in managed healthcare:
  • easy and simple experience
  • operational excellence
  • financial discipline
  • empowering environment.
Organisational culture
ETHC medical staff and employees ensure that at all times there is sensitivity and respect for the cultural needs of our patients and their families. We have:
  • More than 150 dedicated healthcare and ancillary personnel, who speak a total of 40 different languages. Our medical staff is comprised of more than 53 GPs, 49 nursing staff, 45 receptionists and approximately 15 administrative staff.
  • Health promotion staff; including exercise, nutrition and lifestyle coaches.
  • A clinical quality manager who ensures continuous clinical quality enhancement.
  • A nurse educator and director of innovative models of care whose initiatives ensure positive patient journeys and outcomes.
  • Since 2003, guaranteed 365 days a year service to our enrolled patients.
  • A primary care model which offers high-quality, affordable healthcare to all enrolled patients.
  • Essential healthcare education and information which is provided through our self management education programmes on chronic conditions.
ETHC put 57 of its doctors and nurses through a community based maternity care certificate course. This was a four day course, two of which were marae based incorporating cultural competency components. It was endorsed by CMDHB and included some of its specialists.
ETHC has considerable experience in rolling out programmes for child health and chronic care (CVD risk assessment programmes, diabetes CCM, etc). Total Healthcare PHO and ETHC have received commendations from CMDHB for these endeavours.
ETHC’s clinical staff is governed by staff rules and regulations in accordance with standards set by the FRNZCGP-Cornerstone on Accreditation of Health Care Organisations and the Ministry of Health.
Bairds Rd Clinic is an ACC accredited urgent care clinic that offers access to patients from 8am to 11pm, 7 days a week, ensuring after hours care to all enrolled patients.

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