Otara Latter Day Saints

On Sunday, 30 October 2011 ETHC delivered nine presentations on cellulitis (serious skin infection) and oral health to over 820 members of the Tamaki Stake Latter Day Saints (Mormons), and a tenth a couple of days later. The presentations were delivered in English, Samoan and Tongan by our team made of Dr Yamini, Registered Nurses Fifita, Mareta, Priya, Anometa, Clinical Family Navigators Kay, Kshama, Ma'ataua, Anamafi, Vaisiliva and Community Liaison Joseph. The presentations had a dual purpose of raising awareness about this very preventable disease and encouraging the youth into careers in health care.

Very little was known about the disease when it was called cellulitis, but as soon as it was translated into Samoan (papala) and Tongan (pala) there were a lot of knowing nods. We talked about how to prevent the disease:

  • Clean - cuts, bites and scratches as soon as they happen
  • Cover - with a fabric plaster and change that every day
  • Cut - fingernails short so germs cannot be spread due to scratching

And we talked about how to treat a serious skin infection:

See your GP early at signs of infection – when the skin in the infected area becomes red, warm, swollen, itchy and/or painful.

Cellulitis - time to go to the doctor



Ma'ataua and Mareta presenting to Wymondley Ward (Samoan speaking)



Fifita and Vaisiliva presenting to Tamaki 4th Ward(Tongan speaking)

We also talked about the importance of healthy teeth and gums for young children and their development. We encouraged the listeners to enrol their children or grandchildren in the free dental service for those aged between 0 and 18 years of age ( even if they leave school), and gave them the number to call 0800 TALK TEETH or 0800 825 583.

Here are a couple of excerpts from a letter of appreciation from Tamaki Stake:

We believe the workshops provided invaluable information for our health welfare - individually, as families, saints and as  good citizens  of this community. Not only this, it brought leads for career paths for many of our dearest rising generations that attended this workshop.

It is a great blessing for our members to receive this free knowledge from your qualified professional team and please convey our deep appreciation to all of them, their colleagues and their dear families. It was more enjoyable for our saints to feel and obtain the training in their own language.

Brother K. Falesi’i
Adviser for Stake  Welfare
(On Behalf  of Tamaki Stake Presidency)

We wish to thank the Stake Presidency of Tamaki Stake Stake President Pulu, President Lavea, President Delaibatiki and all the members of Tamaki Stake for helping us raise awareness of these important health messages.