Skin infections

Skin infections can happen anytime there is a break in the skin as a result of insect bites, cuts, scrapes or not managing your eczema well.
There is a simple method of prevention - clean, cover and cut:
  • Clean: Clean the sore or wound as soon as is it happens. Antiseptic and antibiotic creams are great, but plain water from the tap will also do. Put the cloth or paper towel in the rubbish after cleaning. And clean the sore or wound every day.
  • Cover: Cover the sore or wound with a fabric plaster, and change the plaster every day after cleaning the sore or wound.
  • Cut: Cut your fingernails so you do not spread the germs around your body.
If the skin in the infected area becomes red, warm, swollen, itchy and/or painful, see your GP straight away.