Mental Health - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions - What to expect when you see a psychologist or psychiatrist. 
Does seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist mean that I am crazy or weak?
  • No, seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist does not mean that you are crazy or weak.
  • All of us need support with the ups and downs of life at times.
  • However, if you are feeling depressed or anxious, it is important to talk to a professional.
What will happen when I meet with a psychologist or psychiatrist for the first time?
  • The first appointment will last about an hour.
  • You can come by yourself or bring a support person, friend or whanau member to your appointment.
  • You will have a chance to discuss how you are feeling and what is worrying you.
  • You will have the opportunity to decide if you wish to see them again.
  • These talks are kept private and you can choose how much information you want your GP to know.
What happens at further appointments?
All appointments are funded for East Tamaki Healthcare and West Auckland Healthcare patients, so you will not need to pay. 
  • These are usually booked on a weekly or fortnightly basis.
  • What is offered is called "counselling" or "talking therapy".
  • This includes practical skills to help manage stress more effectively, and feel better!
  • Most people attend between 4- 6 appointments.
  • Most people only need to attend 1-3 appointments.
  • These are usually booked a few weeks apart to see how your medication or treatment is going.
What happens now?
If you would like to see a psychologist or psychiatrist, please talk to your doctor or one of the nurses so they can refer you.
If you have already been referred by your doctor, please call to book an appointment. If you do not call, someone will contact you by phone, text or letter.  
It is your choice whether you want to book an appointment at this time.  
Where can I book an appointment?
The Mental Health team offer appointments at several East Tamaki Healthcare and West Auckland Healthcare clinics throughout Auckland. 
When you book an appointment, please let us know where you would like to be seen and we will try to find a place and time that suits you.