Manurewa High School Whanau Day 2013

Manurewa High School held its first ever Whanau Day at their school on 6 July 2013. The theme of the day was about Whanau, and Clinical Family Navigator Zhaobo Yang, Rheumatic Fever nurse Tafao Ah-Mau and Community Liaison Manager Joseph Liava'a were on hand to promote rheumatic fever awareness.
They spoke with a lot of families who had personal knowledge of this terrible disease, which made our presence much more relevant.
Rheumatic fever is a dreadful disease which affects mainly Pacific and Maori children, and can lead to huge problems with the heart. The important message to remember is
"Get your sore throat checked"
Clinical Family Navigator Zhaobo Yang and Rheumatic Fever nurse Tafao Ah-Mau