What is acreditation?
Accreditation is when a business meets an industry standard. For primary healthcare these industry standards are stringent and are defined and regulated by organisations such as the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners (RNZCGP), ACC, New Zealand Medical Council and many others. 
What is cornerstone practice accreditation? 

The RNZCGP sets the core requirements for medical practices – be it a general practice (GP) clinic or a hospital. The requirements set by the college are equal to, or in some cases greater than, the requirements of a number of international bodies. The process of assessment is known as accreditation and the certificate awarded to the medical practice is known as the Cornerstone Accreditation Certificate.
All ETHC clinics are cornerstone accredited. Read about cornerstone practice accreditation.

What is ACC accreditation? 

ACC standards set out minimum levels of: 
  • clinic staffing 
  • requirements for medical equipment available on-site
  • facility requirements and other related criteria which urgent care clinics must meet. 
Purpose of an urgent care clinic 
The purpose of this service is to provide you with accessible, acceptable and affordable healthcare that lets you get back to work or returns you to your independence. Bairds Rd clinic is an urgent care clinic.
Read more about ACC.