Health services

We provide help when you have an unexpected illness or if you need care from multiple services.

Our special programmes and case managers help you manage your chronic diseases or high-risk factors by providing resources and support. You can also receive on-on-one health coaching. 

We offer disease management programmes to eligible patients with the following conditions:
Disease management
Patients who would benefit from further health condition management are referred to our special project management team. A nurse provides ongoing support, a care plan with personalised goals, resources and advice for navigating the healthcare system. Transport can also be arranged to get you to your provider.
The project continues until your goals are met.
How to enrol in the programme
We are dedicated to meeting the healthcare needs of Aucklanders understand different people have different healthcare needs. We work with you to find a plan that works best for you; we have plans for both children and adults. 
Programmes are free, or at subsidised rate, to all our eligible patients.