Multiple Diseases

What is Care Plus?

The Care Plus project is driven by the Counties Manukau District Health Board (CMDHB). East Tamaki Healthcare (ETHC) offers a full check and support for patients with more than one chronic or long term condition with the help of decision support.
Care Plus is a project targeting people with high health needs due to
  • Chronic conditions,

  • Acute medical or mental health needs, or

  • Terminal illness.

 Care Plus aims to

  • Improve chronic or long term care management,

  • Reduce inequalities,

  • Improve teamwork between healthcare professionals and

  • Reduce the cost of services for high-need patients.

All eligible patients are entitled to cheaper clinic visits four times a year.

Who is eligible for Care Plus?

You are eligible for Care Plus if you are
  • Enrolled in a PHO (with a doctor's clinic) and

  • Assessed by a doctor or nurse at your doctor's clinic general practice

as being able to benefit from at least two hours of care from one or more members of the ETHC healthcare team over the following six months. 

You must also:

  • Have two or more chronic or long term health conditions, so long as each condition is one that is a major disability or has a major burden of morbidity; and creates a major cost to the health system; and has agreed objective diagnostic criteria; and that continuity of care and a primary health care team approach has an important role in management; or

  • Have a terminal illness (defined as someone who has advanced, progressive disease whose death is likely within 12 months); or

  • Have had two acute medical or mental health-related admissions in the past 12 months (excluding surgical admissions); or

  • Have had six first-level service or similar primary health care visits in the past 12 months (including emergency department visits); or

  • Be on active review for elective services.

If you think you may be eligible for Care Plus, ask your doctor or nurse if they are offering the services. They will assess you to see if you are eligible for Care Plus. If you are not eligible it may be that they can help you in other ways or review your existing care.

How is Care Plus different?

In general, a Care Plus patient can expect
  • An initial full assessment, where their health needs can be explored in more depth

  • An individual care plan which will be developed to set realistic, achievable health and quality of life-related goals, with regular follow-ups

  • Effective management of chronic health conditions,

  • A better understanding of their conditions and

  • Support to make lifestyle changes.

Care Plus services are provided at a reduced cost.