Maternity care

We offer a choice of care to every pregnant woman registered with us. You can choose between shared care, independent midwife care, care at the hospital or care with a specialist. 

Shared care

Along with Middlemore Hospital (MMH), we provide shared care for you during your pregnancy, through our shared care model. Shared care includes ten antenatal visits to your GP and midwife prior to delivery at MMH.   

Independent midwife

You can choose to have your own midwife, who provides care throughout your pregnancy and until your baby is about six weeks old.  

Hospital setting

If you wish to be taken care of in hospital settings, you can choose MMH or Auckland Hospital.   

You can discuss the best option for you with your nurse or GP at any of our clinics.  

Specialist care

Talk with our team at any of our clinics if you want to know more information about care from an obstetrician.

Maternity resources