Sexual health

Sexual Health Consultation

One of the things that young people think and talk about is sex and sexuality. Sexual health consultations are provided to all eligible patients at all ETHC clinics, where the clinicians assist in dealing with sexual health issues.

The consultation starts with giving young people the confidence that all the discussions will be kept private and confidential; and that it is a safe place to discuss sexual health issues. 

Sexual health consultations include:

  • access to information on sexual health, contraception and sexuality, sexual identity and orientation
  • decision making
  • condom and safe sex information
  • pregnancy testing advice
  • emergency contraceptive pill (ECP)
  • sexually transmitted infection assessment
  • disclosure of sexual abuse or coercion.
Registered and funded patients aged 14-24 years are entitled to have FREE consultation for sexual health issues. They can discuss contraception, management of sexually transmitted infection and other sexual health needs besides getting education on sexual health.