Enrol as an ETHC Patient

Nirvana Health Group Enrolment Form

To register with the PHOs associated with East Tamaki Healthcare’s Medical Clinics, please print and fill an enrolment form above. Please include the details of all family members in the same form and hand in at the reception of any ETHC clinic.

Alternatively, you can contact our Call Centre on 09 274 7823 or ask for a form at reception next time you are at one of our clinics.

Who is eligible to be enrolled?

The following web page provides the most up to date information on who is eligible for publicly funded health and disability services. This page contains information about all the different types of eligibilities for publicly funded health and disability care.


New Zealand Citizens and Permanent Residents:

New Zealand citizens (including those living in the Cook Islands, Niue or Tokelau who visit New Zealand on a temporary basis and those born in New Zealand) and New Zealand permanent residents

Work permit Holders:

For work permit holders to be eligible for publicly funded health and disability services, you must be lawfully in New Zealand and be holder of a work permit that is issued for a period of two years or more that allows you to remain in New Zealand for a period of time that, when added together with the time you’ve already been lawfully in New Zealand, amounts to two consecutive years or more (eg, people who have had their work permit renewed).

Overseas visitors regardless of whether they’re Aussies or other, are not eligible for publicly funded health and disability services.